Mavenhaus Collective: The Story of a Sweater and How to Get One...

heavenmcarthur-MAVENHAUS-2nd-shoot-model-0386-blissyou all know the story, the life-changing moment where i decided to pare back...quality over quantity and all that. revamping my life to surround myself with only things i love. things i plan on keeping forever and hope to pass down one day. at first glance this may not seem to translate perfectly into the wide world of fashion...however, i have come to believe that the closet is the perfect place to start. i turn to the same items over and over again...the same pair of boots season after season, the same comfy pair of jeans and of course, the very same sweaters. which is exactly how this sweater came to be. it was created out of a love and dedication to quality and beautiful design. we couldn't think of a better facilitator for this idea than Lynne Hiriak of Cardigan New York. Cardigan is the epitome of timeless. Cardigan and Mavenhaus worked together to create our first "forever item."  a cashmere sweater like no other: magical cashmere in the perfect shade of gray, a ballet neckline, side vents with cream buttons, cashmere elbow patches and of course, the perfect fit...this piece is as versatile as it is beautiful. i pair it with worn jeans and boots, but can see it with a skirt and heels as well.

how do you get it? our site is still a work in progress, but we wanted to thank our nearest and dearest. the folks that sign up to receive early access and info from Mavenhaus Collective will also be the only folks able to purchase this sweater.

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heavenmcarthur-MAVENHAUS-2nd-shoot-model-0216-bliss*all imagery copyright ©heaven mcarthur

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a special thank you to my very dear friend Heaven Mcarthur...she is the talent behind the lens here at Mavehaus Collective.