string theory for mavenhaus collective

heavenmcarthur-MAVENHAUS-2nd-shoot-model-0310obviously, i adore everything on mavenhaus collective, however, these beautiful scarves have reserved a special spot in my heart. i was introduced to lysanne and her string theory a few months back on pinterest and instantly knew mavenhaus couldn't do without one or two. the two pieces designed for the collective are the accent scarf and cream and josef and anni shawl...


the josef and anni shawl in gray and cream is, perhaps, the most utilitarian item of clothing i currently own; i wrap it as a scarf, drape it as a shawl and have on occasion used it as the most beautiful blanket.


simply put, the string theory accent scarf in cream is just so, so beautiful. i am reminded of lovely paper snowflakes...a piece that is so special, i guarantee you will be happy to wear it year after year...i can see myself passing it down to my daughter when the time comes...


lysanne graciously offered up these beautiful photos taking us through her process for the mavenhaus surprise at all that the process is as beautiful as the pieces themselves...





thank you lysanne for helping bring this mavenhaus dream of ours to life.

xo mrs. french