Brochu Walker for Mavenhaus Collective

heavenmcarthur-MAVENHAUS-2nd-shoot-model-0262-webRes i can't possibly start the weekend without introducing you to our latest mavenhaus collective favorite....the brochu walker for MHC naomi cardigan is nothing short of a dream. the perfect weight, color and fit all wrapped up in one sweater.

Made from the finest cotton and linen, this sweater is sure to be a favorite now and moving into spring/summer.


heavenmcarthur-photography-MH-collection-1-157-webRes copy


heavenmcarthur-photography-MH-collection-1-155-webRes copy



the only issue being that perhaps i wear mine too often. ask my friends, it's true.

of course, beautiful design and fashion is always worth the wait in our opinions, but for those of you who just can't wait on this one, we have a select few that we can ship today. not to fret, once those are gone, we will be offering the rest for pre-sale in the typical MHC way.

i hope you are all set to have a beautiful weekend...

xo mrs. french