Erin Templeton for Mavenhaus Collective

heavenmcarthur-MAVENHAUS-2nd-shoot-model-0389-webRes i am so incredibly proud of the collaboration between mavenhaus collective and erin templeton. the medium tote is as soft as it is beautiful and my goto for pretty much everything i wear.

i have always had a weakness for stunning handbags...not based on the designer, but on the quality. this is exactly how i bumped into erin. i believe i first spotted the medium tote on pinterest and had to know the designer behind it. there is something so magical about a piece that is designed to be timeless and versatile but also has touches here and there that makes it completely unique; the knot in the strap and the stunning shade of "sage"...which is a grey like nothing i have seen, puts this piece on a forever-item pedestal in my wardrobe.

heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0219-webRes heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0315-webRes heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0232-webRes heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0155-webRes

the simple erin templeton tube in sand, just seemed the perfect partner for the medium tote. if you are like me, you always have a favorite lipstick, sample of lotion or set of keys that never ceases to get lost amongst the other goodies in my bag. the tube has become my remedy for this. i love the way sand leather compliments the sage on the tote.

heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0149-1-webRes heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0172-webRes heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0182-webRes

this collaboration really is too good. reserve one or both before it's too late...

xo mrs. french