a home all our own.

3218680164_2d6c900d39_b i took this picture way back in my portland days...funny how applicable it seems today.

throughout my years of blogging i have made a conscious choice to pull back on the personal and focus on the pretty. often times i think blog readers assume that blog editors lead flawless, charmed lives. this is not the case with mrs. french. not a day goes by where i don't feel incredibly lucky; consistently waking up morning after morning reciting my silent thank yous, however, i am here today to tell you the last few years have been harder than i would have liked. we packed up and moved away from our special little home in portland 3 and a half years ago and i haven't been able establish a root system here in bend as of yet. which has resulted in a few additional moves in town, with the hidden hope of moving back to my beloved pdx. until now. i conceded and the frenches bought a house...i am not fit to live in the one day. we are going to stay for awhile, we are going to plant gardens, paint walls, install windows, lay sod and stay awhile. i am thinking there may even be a tree swing in our future. i have made the decision to start a home in this little mountain town and i am ok with it. i have come to realize that the concept of a dream home in my dream city may just be plain silly. i look forward to living in the now, rather than the one-day and appreciating a home, simply because it is where my people reside.

stay tuned.

this has been a very long way saying that i have been a bit absent as of late because i am in the process of moving. i can't wait to show you.

xo mrs. french