lamp crush || the arion from dwell studio

Photo 6 the other night, the mister and myself were partaking in one of those what-if type discussions. what if we won the much of our current everything would we keep. besides the art photographs and heirlooms, the item i chose as my very favorite is this lamp. awhile back dwell studio graciously invited me to choose a few favorites for our home and the arion lamp was the first and has quickly become my favorite everything.

i had originally thought i would put this piece on my nightstand, but quickly realized i needed it to be front and center. a wise choice, if you ask me...

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 10

marble and brass is never a bad thing.

the best part is that the arion is currently on sale...yay!

how are you filling your weekend? i hope it is a wonderful one.

xo mrs. french