spring15_003 this is one of my favorite mondays of all time. why? i am collaborating with schoolhouse electric. collaborating with a favorite to promote something near and dear to my heart...simply put, "slow down."

recently, you may have noticed a shift on this blog of mine; i now choose to remove the clutter in all that surrounds me. i no longer shop in bulk, i surround myself with forever items; items i have every intention of loving forever. removing the clutter also involves removing the "noise" from my everyday. rather than continuously focusing on the what's next, i am trying to be in the moment. i began to see that my moments are truly amazing and deserve my undivided attention. i try to unplug more often and step outdoors with my family so much more than i had grown accustomed to; meal-time is now an opportunity to take in fresh food and a time to catch up with my people. my mornings are a magical time to appreciate an open window, the smell of freshly laundered sheets and my children's bedheads. i am still a work in progress, but it is all beginning to become so clear...

my advice to you is shift a bit in the beginning and more will surely follow...

you can imagine how thrilled i was to hear from schoolhouse. a shop full of forever items, that is also hoping to promote this slow down way of living.

Life moves quickly, and this season, we are focusing on slowing down. We are inviting people to take stock of the things that matter most by taking a step back. Our hope is that when we take a moment to be creative, grab a cup of coffee with a friend, have a meal with loved ones, spend some alone time, or do anything that fuels our souls, our lives become more fulfilling. This campaign goes far beyond us and our products and we believe everyone can afford to slow down. Our hope is to grow this into a movement where people take a little bit of time to enjoy the small moments and truly realize how big they really are. We would love to see how you slow down! #slowdownwithschoolhouse

-Schoolhouse Electric

this is simply an introduction to this me, there is so much more to come.

in the mean time please take a moment today to just be.





i am dedicating one of my beloved pinterest boards to this very thing...i would love for you to follow.

oh and i will be later in the day with some of my very favorites from schoolhouse.

xo mrs. french