the finishing touches...

home icing-2

1. i have been all about trays as of late...and this one, in particular, is pretty fantastic.

2. yet again, we find ourselves in a home that is in desperate need of hooks for towels or bags or coats...this one seems perfect for all of these.

3. a round rug. why? because i have never had one and this one is just right.

4. we have one of these beautiful rods, and would love to perch one above each window in my home.

5. we have a tiny sunroom, which i think would be the perfect space for a pop of color...these cement tiles would more than do.

6. of course, we need curtains to hang on the above rod.

7. my dishtowels, especially the ones others are able to see are in desperate need of replacing. these are my favorites right now.

8. such a pretty way to say "come in."

9. i always prefer good bar of soap over liquid, now i just need a spot to put it.

10. baskets are my very favorite place to put odds and ends, i have been eyeing these forever.

11. ever since i can remember i have been on the hunt for the perfect sofa...i do believe this may be it.

finally, our boxes are unpacked, flooring has been ordered and i feel like this little spot of the world is ours. all that's left is the icing; the bits and pieces that truly put your stamp on a home. we have beautiful photographs and art waiting to be hung...and clocks, lots of clocks...but there are still a few little touches that would truly take this space to the next level...

one day...

in the mean time i will continue to enjoy this home just as it is.

xo mrs. french