58247f90c59e4eb95d5eb513805bb846 as we grow older we learn...i have learned that i am simply drawn to green. i have said it time and time again...i came alive when i moved to portland. the lush green all around me awakened me in so many ways...the reason i began taking photos was because of the portland green. we no longer live in the same green saturated environment. central oregon is beautiful, but is truly the desert...the desert and mountains. obviously stunning, but not the same.

rather than packing up the car on a daily basis and attempting to move back i have tried to incorporate leafy inspiration into my home environment. at the moment, this consists of reviving plants i have intensive care unit for plants i have attempted to kill. i will get there and i have inspiration taken from images such as these...

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oh and back to the desert...cactuses do count as green.

xo mrs. french