Nomad Collective

©AlyssaRosenheck2015-7 with images such as these how could i not absolutely love the relatively new-to-me nomad collective? the lovely rue first made the introduction and since i have been back many times and have had vivid dreams of covering my floors in nomad's gorgeous rugs. of course, the rest of it is completely welcome as well.

the story behind the brand is just as beautiful as the items within this stunning collective. please do take the time to read it.

©AlyssaRosenheck2015-41 KILIM+RUG+-+1 1422282593783 ©AlyssaRosenheck2015-36 1424108542124 1424108853174 ©AlyssaRosenheck2015-24 ©AlyssaRosenheck2015-55 1418833300283 AFRICAN+TEXTILE+-+1 ©AlyssaRosenheck2015-27 1428934863442

a discovery within a have got to love that. through rue and nomad collective i bumped into the lovely alyssa rosenheck...she is the photographer behind many of these images...

happy wednesday!

xo mrs. french