a sydney oasis

7a2a1b4202afb7cb66807d09696165d6 i do try to avoid re-posting this and that from certain blogs...blogs i am sure you read right along with my little place in this wide world of blogging. the design files is definitely one of these. my love is far and wide for this beyond stunning australian design blog. more times than not beautiful interiors i run smack into on pinterest come straight from df.

this happens to be the case with this 2 bedroom apartment that i simply can't get enough of. many of you have seen it already, but for those of you who have not...i am here for ya. it belongs to designer frag woodall and his wife naomi.

selfishly, i had to collect this home on bliss.

it amazes me how a 2 bedroom apartment right in the middle of a bustling city can look like a scandinavian cottage away from it all...the best kind of oasis...










if you had already had the pleasure of visiting...isn't it nice to go back again?

xo mrs. french

via the design files 

photographed beautifully by http://www.evewilson.com.au