Madesmith Academy Ethical Fashion Incubator

e3ad0c9895f2b01111cf2a4e9d5bede68f78548f_EthicalFashion_01_image-2 i am incredibly lucky...i do say it all the time...however, today i feel incredibly lucky and honored to introduce you to something near and dear to my heart. the incredibly brilliant folks from madesmith have taken everything they do to the next level and are giving folks an inside peek into what it takes to to launch a successful and ethical fashion business; the ethical fashion incubator presented by madesmith academy is an eight week program designed to teach you everything you need to know in order create and market your ethical products...this course is offered once a year, so truly if you are thinking about it you should do it now...

the best part is that right now madesmith is offering an early bird registration period from now through june 7th...the first 20 registrants receive 30% off...

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oh, and did i mention i am playing a bit of a role in this amazing program? i am part of the 7th module...the one where you get the opportunity to speak with an industry expert...yippee!

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xo mrs. french