susan connor for mavenhaus collective || the wall hanging

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-019-highRes remember that dreamy collaboration i was telling you about? the one between mavenhaus collective and susan connor? well, it just so happens we saved the best for last...susan is known for her beautiful wall hangings, i have featured a few here on bliss on a some lists of mine...which is why it is such a tremendous thrill to share one of our very own.

there are only a few, so hurry...

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-009-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-005-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-015-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-036-highRes

before it is too late...

brass, wood, and stone...perfect.

xo mrs. french