Bridge & Burn | Ryan Plett | Hug Point


Look 1: Loren Indigo Dress, Columbiaknit Burn Sweatshirt, Westerlind Hat

i am coming off of a few beautiful days on the oregon coast...still trying acclimate back into the land-locked lifestyle. coincidently, waiting for me in my inbox was this beautiful shoot on the oregon coast featuring bridge & burn, the work of photographer ryan plett and of course the coast that holds a special spot in my heart.

Misty mornings, sand dollar hunting, tip toeing in and out of the blue­grey waves. Trips to the Oregon Coast don't always entail jumping in for a nice swim, but rather breathing in the salt water air, soaking in the view of the rolling coastal fog being caught by the hillside across. A day trip, an overnight tent expedition or a mini vacation at a beach home, Oregonians recommend all three, and Ryan Plett caught Bridge & Burn's most recent trip so beautifully.

-Bridge & Burn


Look 2: Isabel Stripe Top, Lyle Linen Tank, Lily Black Skirt, Westerlind Hat.


Look 3: Ramsey Jacket, Lyra Olive Dress

bridge-and-burn-ryan-plett-beach-13 bridge-and-burn-ryan-plett-beach-raleigh

Look 4: Raleigh Navy Top, Luca Black Shorts


it goes without saying...i want to go back.

xo mrs. french