Calder Blake for Mavenhaus Collective

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-151-highRes calder blake (formerly calder) is the epitome of timeless design. which is why the calder blake collaboration with mavenhaus collective feels so, so right. speaking of "feels" truly have to feel these pieces in this capsule to believe it.

i am not ashamed to say that i where these a bit more often than the rest in my closet. the cardigan, in particular, has become a security blanket of sorts...a very nice looking one.

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-114-highRes-horiz heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-190-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-194-highRes-horizontal heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-244-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-224-highRes copy

i am also particularly proud of the rest of our current offerings...truly, you need to peruse for yourself...


caroline z hurley-a few moments left to add these beautiful items to your home. my love for them grows by the day.


alexis russell- our first ever repeat designer has proven to be such a perfect fit. alexis has truly outdone herself...


hackwith design house- a few left of each...hurry before they are gone forever.

xo mrs. french