Caroline Z Hurley for Mavenhaus Collective

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-091-highRes caroline z hurley and her ever so awesome textile creations are my favorite. we are over-the-moon thrilled to announce our most recent mavenhaus collective collaboration with the talented ms. hurley.

she was at the top of our must-work-with list when we announced the lifestyle addition to the collective. you can imagine how thrilled we were when she said "yes."

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-093-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-product-097-highRes

i would love to tell you that of all the pieces this is the one you need...but i can't.


truly you need this one,


this one,


  and this one too...


i am truly obsessed with all of will be too. promise.

xo mrs. french

magic photos by a magic gal