unfortunately, due to the heat i may be spending too much time indoors this weekend. if you are in the same boat i thought it would be nice to give you a few clickable links i deem worthy of exploration... Living-Dining-Finalist-Larson-and-Paul-Remodelista-1

these finalists blow me away...this one is my favorite by far.

Julie and Chelsa

these brilliant gals have created my new favorite cosmetic line...definitely a why-didn't-i-think-of-that sort of thing.


beautiful ceramics always make my day.


this painting and the rest simply make me smile.


the prettiest darn juice shop i ever did see.


this artist, her process, and that slip dress.


this collaboration has me falling in love with silver all over again.


who knew succulent propagation could be so adorable?


ok, this last one is a tough one for me. i get a lump in my throat when i try to talk about it and tears in my eyes when i read about it. the story of cecil breaks my heart in a tiny million pieces. an animal story i could never share with my 4-year-old because i refuse to show her how ugly people can be...

it's nice to know that when i simply can't find the words jimmy can. he sums it up perfectly. in an attempt to find good in such ugliness, i also encourage you to read here and donate here (select "wildCRU in drop down list).

love to you and yours,

xo! mrs. french