Lisa Golightly || beach

2014pinkbeachscene1 sometimes someone is so obviously my favorite that i often forget; such is the case with the talented lisa golightly. i have loved lisa's memory-drenched pieces for entirely too long.

today i am particularly nostalgic for this past weekend our family spent on the oregon coast. we never feel as if our time there is enough. today is our first quiet day back and my b said it best, he feels a bit "heartsick"...i could tell he felt a bit silly for saying it, however, the more i think about it, the more this seems a fitting way to describe it. hence my pull towards some of lisa's most recent paintings.

coastal memories that are a bit faded, but also so vividly beautiful.

2014fadedpinkbeachgirl 2014caughtinthewaves 2014threeatoceansedge

i had to share.

xo mrs. french