No.6 Resort 2016

no-6-002-1366 even as i sit smack in the middle of a massive heat wave, i am still comfortable in saying i detest cold weather. i live in a community that lives for the cold and snowy months and in my head i move from spring to spring...skipping all the brisk in the middle

i truly is no surprise that i tend to regard fashion in a similar way. for instance, although no.6 has a perfectly beautiful line for fall 2015, i believe i have intentionally skipped over it and simply cannot get enough of their resort 2016 collection.

i also find comfort in knowing that many of these pieces are perfectly fit for cooler temps provided there is a lovely cardigan available...

no-6-005-1366 no-6-007-1366 no-6-009-1366 no-6-010-1366 no-6-011-1366 no-6-014-1366 no-6-025-1366 no-6-015-1366 no-6-017-1366 no-6-018-1366 no-6-019-1366 no-6-021-1366 no-6-023-1366 no-6-024-1366obviously i have a thing for jumpsuits and dahlias...who doesn't?

xo mrs. french