Rabens Saloner AW15

rabens-aw15-day04_03-500x750 rarely do i happen upon a collection as complete as rabens saloner aw15. for those of you unfamiliar, birgitte raben olrik is a designer out of copenhagen that i have fallen in love with.

there is definitely a perfect east meets west sensibility...i find rabens saloner to be a label that is incredibly special and wearable.

rabens-aw15-day03_-17-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-45-10-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-21-500x750-1 rabens-aw15-day02-50-15-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-33-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-16-22-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-4-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-11-4-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-51-13-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-73-17-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-19-24-500x750-1 rabens-aw15-day02-61-15-500x750 rabens-aw15-day04_11-45-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-19-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-3-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-22-19-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-18-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-80-2-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-17-19-500x750-1

a complete and beautiful AW wardrobe and this is only a sampling...so much more over on the rabens saloner site. take a peek.

at the moment it isn't as easy as i would like to own as much as i like, but huset carries a nice selection...

have a beautiful monday.

xo mrs. french