The Cross Street Project

CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-50 excuse me while i have a moment of serious déjà vu...or perhaps this apartment is simply a repeat performer. i searched and searched and was not able to find it on this blog of mine. regardless of the situation, i am proud to present the incredibly gorgeous cross street project redesigned by cm studio out of australia. cm did so in collaboration with so many other local sydney talents.

the cross street project was a completely shoppable space; the apartment for sale all on its own, with everything in it, or the items within it it were for sale all on their own.

sadly, this space is now closed...however, we still have the photographs right?

426b9e5e51b2d98a61992bc0cbfc7bbc CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-103 CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-44 CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-91 C+M+-+Cross+St,+Bronte.8887CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-80CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-115 CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-25 CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-3 CM-Studio_CrossSt_Web-17

if given the chance, i do believe i would have taken it all.

xo mrs. french

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