Blissful Sponsor: In Kind

SMAV9915_1024x1024 i find that often times i struggle to find the perfect gift for those who are so deserving. typically, i find items here and there, but rarely create just-the-right package that captures all that i intend to...

in kind is a beloved sponsor of mine that takes the perfect gift to the next level. in kind's "bundles" solve the mystery of the perfect gift. each bundle is comprised of all the best items created by artisans and designers such as chloe may brown, willaby, gray level and on and on...pretty package is an understatement...





in kind also specializes in items that stand perfectly well on their own...

inkindperhaps the greatest gift of all is the fact that in kind  25% of all proceeds from in kind benefit the canadian cancer proud to have this thoughtful shop as a blissful sponsor.

xo mrs. french