The Home of Lauren Soloff Photographed by Nancy Neil

lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-14 i think my very first blog loves had to be remodelista and sfgirlbybay. the amazing thing is that they still are my very favorites. even so, i rarely get back as of late; running my own blog, family and business tends to fill each moment. however, when i do i really do...i sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine (time of day dependent of course) and soak it all in.

last night i had that wine and found myself all over remodelista which is how i happened upon this perfectly bohemian space. no surprise it belongs to lauren soloff, a designer...

lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-19 lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-11 soloff-dining-room soloff-sideboard lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-2 lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-18 lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-27 lauren-soloff-los-angeles-house-20 soloff-bedroom

don't get me started on the photography...actually do. these beautiful photos were taken by the talented nancy  neil. i could never claim that my home is as photogenic as this one, but i have to believe it would we so much more pleasing to the eye through nancy's lens

have a beautiful day...

xo mrs. french