A Fantastic Frank Impulse

SFD72CFD93105FF4473A84657B1859376EA_2200x when i thing of impulse purchases i, of course, think of clothing or an occasional bit or bauble...i never think of buying a home as a spur of the moment thing. however, my whole idea of this has been changed since the discovery of fantastic frank; a ridiculously beautiful real estate site with listings in stockholm and berlin. i have had the pleasure of referencing here on bliss a time or two.

if i could, i would buy this spot right this second...



SFDC6CBF22284F04D6B9CA810D0ADAA1E64_2200x SFD013A7646B17347F8B4FB9D0F6DCFFF08_2200x SFD664E667E178D449AAF09BB220ADF26CB_2200x SFD88F259BFC670459393B053B44D31477E_2200x SFDE8B3174C95A74EBBB811566D31EA6DF5_2200x SFD708FA57ED854402BA5F3C9D4B46AE308_2200x SFD20BD8BAD968149A3B83992A758C9A11B_2200x SFD303F8F7FD30D4A49B414CAF4F74DD2A9_2200x SFDA1EB399B87B84C84A7DE4228C334D659_2200x SFD19F084EFD3144F839F212980C707DC90_2200x SFD5D8AC25E3B5A4CD2A9F5D46259229F9F_2200x SFDFF0C2BD0AB4F4920BFC88F9AC644644A_2200x SFD3932119EFD3C463891A4FE555EAC11EF_2200x SFD5AE07A0679DC4B8DA157802C5D9F4D65_2200xthank goodness this residence is no longer on the market...the mister may not agree with an impulse of this magnitude.

xo mrs. french