A Just Right Type of House...

56281c6c09fecf60c65f58e4f28c132c simple and perfect...i have to believe that this home encompasses all i would ever want or need...

f9ec85fece2d64eeb07b0ed3c1fd3b4b 2828407f6e0281a5e434c513a65d8b84 8cfff0edaff19d33eef7a370d1b81991 957115d58faffa4401059ca1e0f01104 73ce65bf55299f523cb484744edc2711 f825d589450f4b530abea6862f262947not too big or small, and enough of everything, yet not too much.

i can't help but tap into my inner goldilocks.

xo mrs. french

via InsideOut

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