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I had absolutely no idea what I was doing way back in march 2008. I knew that I had a sweet little boy and I was living in a city that had tapped into a newfound inspiration the likes of which I couldn't quite grasp. My life revolved around my family and for some reason, I felt I needed something only for me. I decided to grab hold of that newish spark of inspiration...hence Bliss was born.

Over the years the spark has grown...grown into my very own mini empire. I will not pretend that this hasn't been a learning process. The crazy thing is that the one thing that has remained true has been this intuition of mine. When I fight it, it shows. When I follow it, it shows in the brightest of ways. This "intuition," has turned into an aesthetic that is known worldwide. Pinterest has proven to be the main outlet for my aesthetic and has turned into the magic moodboard of all the inspiration that keeps trying to spill from this brain of mine. This has all led to nearly 4 million followers, countless collaborations and questions...lots of questions:

The Obvious Questions...

  • How did you you start your blog?
  • I want to do what you do, how do I go about it?
  • Which platform should I use?
  • Which platform is the most user friendly and offers up the very best templates?
  • What's Pinterest?
  • How do I grow my Pinterest account?
  • How can Pinterest help my business?
  • What types of images do well on Pinterest?
  • On and on and on and on...

The Not So Obvious Questions...

  • Will you take a look at my logo and tell me what it says to you?
  • Do you know where to find the perfect overstuffed sofa?
  • Who do I go to to print off my photos?
  • Can you recommend a nice laminate flooring?
  • I need a black cashmere sweater...where do I find one?
  • I have a wedding this weekend, what should I wear?
  • Where do I go for headshots?
  • Does this chair go with this chair?
  • Does this painting look ok here?
  • Can you help me find things for my guest room?
  • On and on and on...


What does all of this mean? It means that I have been doing this for over seven years and I know things. Things that I wished I would have known starting out in the wide world of blogging and as a business owner. Funny, I believe that in some ways I have a doctorate in aesthetics, social media and blogging and I truly believe others can benefit from this knowledge (and folders upon folders of sources for just about anything).

After years of folks and followers asking...Guess what? I am finally doing it...I am happy to share. I am offering aesthetic consulting. I want to give you my undivided attention, honesty and resources for a specific amount of time. No project too big or too small; a little something for yourself or a big something for a company.

Let's pinpoint what you need and tap into beautiful things you never thought possible.

Contact me for services and rates: INFO.BLISSBLOG@GMAIL.COM or fill out form below:

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