Gallatin House Presented by Workstead

344 i know i have had dreams that look a lot like this.

you may remember this home from a few years back...a love-at-first-sight-moment that is still vivid in my mind. workstead design firm in brooklyn is responsible for both. founded in 2009 by stephanie brechbuehler and robert highsmith, workstead focuses on interior design, lighting, architecture, furniture and exhibitions and does so in a way that seems to be suited specifically for me.

Workstead's aim is to design responsible works that create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and the people that experience them. Their palette is strong and rich, yet simple and efficient.


oh and it seems the focus also lies in the best daydreams ever...

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gallatin house is a country home that would make the perfect forever home as well.

xo mrs. french