Han Starnes

Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.008 simple and beautiful go hand in hand in my book. which is why i am so drawn to the new-to-me line han starnes.

We believe that the objects we choose to surround ourselves with and the clothes we wear matter, and thus we care deeply about the materials our garments are made of and how they're produced. We are interested in creating a connected experience for the people who make and wear our clothes.

-Han Starnes

simple and beautiful translated in a responsible manner...i can fully get behind that.

Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.002 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.004 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.005 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.006 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.009 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.011 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.010 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.012 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.013 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.014 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.015 Han+Starnes_FW15+Lookbook.016 Hans

lucky for you you can shop the entire collection on the han starnes site...

xo mrs. french