KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook2 the whole thing...this is quite possibly the first time i have chosen to share a compete lookbook. needless to say i am a bit giddy in anticipation of the official launch of san francisco clothing line kamperett. i literally happened upon kamperett by accident while visiting my dear friend melis on instagram....she still shows me the very best things.

at the moment i know very little about the line...however, from what i see here i sense a soon to be favorite.

KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook3 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook4 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook5 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook6 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook7 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook8 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook10 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook11 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook13 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook14 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook15 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook16 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook17 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook18 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook20 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook21 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook23 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook24 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook25 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook26 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook27 KAMPERETT+VOL.1+Lookbook28

breath officially taken away...

xo mrs. french