1. she has me wanting to go "make-believe biking."
  2. this space is truly perfect.
  3. linen wallpaper? yes, the most beautiful linen wallpaper.
  4. i want to replace all of my fixtures with these.
  5. these alpacas and their textiles...
  6. this gal has me wanting to take a trip to a spot i don't typically think of.
  7. i have such a craving for these granola bars.

funny how now that school has started our weekends are just as crazy as our weekdays...crazy in a good way.

if i did have a cozy moment with a cup of tea, i would peruse a few favorites...i am assuming many of you may have this type of moment. what can i say? i would love to live vicariously through are a few links worth a moment...

have a beautiful weekend.

xo mrs. french