Ulla Johnson Spring 2016

04_20150903_UJ_SS16_05_00548 i will be the first to admit i have become a bit more emotional over the years. i no longer have total control over the tears i feel welling up in my eyes.

i, of course, thought my emotional self would be separate from the world of fashion...today, i realized this is not the case. upon glimpsing ulla johnson's spring 2016 collection i misted up a bit...truly, too much pretty in one spot.

Untitled-4 08_20150903_UJ_SS16_14_01799 10_20150903_UJ_SS16_02_00417 12_20150903_UJ_SS16_10_01181 14_20150903_UJ_SS16_21_02746 16_20150903_UJ_SS16_06_00710 18_20150903_UJ_SS16_40_04765 20_20150903_UJ_SS16_11_01261 22_20150903_UJ_SS16_44_05160 24_20150903_UJ_SS16_23_02936 26_20150903_UJ_SS16_25_03179 27_20150903_UJ_SS16_37_04515 30_20150903_UJ_SS16_04_00468 31_20150903_UJ_SS16_31_03646 34_20150903_UJ_SS16_07_00768 35_20150903_UJ_SS16_22_02793 Untitled-5 65_20150903_UJ_SS16_45_05334 Untitled-2_a6ae7c28-b91c-43c9-90d8-f4c7ae696649 47_20150903_UJ_SS16_33_03847 41_20150903_UJ_SS16_19_02619 50_20150903_UJ_SS16_36_04224 44_20150903_UJ_SS16_46_05417 Untitled-3 58_20150903_UJ_SS16_26_03271 57_20150903_UJ_SS16_18_02484 61_20150903_UJ_SS16_49_05692 68_20150903_UJ_SS16_39_04652 76_20150903_UJ_SS16_15_01951

upon further examination, i am not so sure it is all that odd at all...

xo mrs. french

p.s. i have a list full of hearts all set for tomorrow...you will want to pop in.