Apiece Apart Resort 2016 and the Beautiful Kai Avent-deLeon

kad05_0 i can't think of a more lovely way to introduce a collection than the way apiece apart presents their resort collection; by using women they so obviously admire. the latest apiece apart woman is the so stunning kai avent-deleon. kai is the owner of the equally beautiful bed-stuy boutique sincerely, tommy.

this gal and her passion for the neighborhood she grew up in and beautiful independent designers pretty much slays me...

"I wanted to be a pioneer in that sense; I wanted something for us, and for the people moving here. I envisioned it as a place that would be heavily involved in the community, supporting local artists, and focusing on smaller brands."

-Kai Avent-deLeon


kad03 kad04 kad01 kad06

and because there is so much more to this collection...

collectionr1615 collectionr1604 collectionr1601 collectionr1610 collectionr1612

go figure...i love it all.

xo mrs. french