Crippen Fall 2015

5-apres-white you would think that once i found a new favorite i would remember it season after season...well, i forgot. i forgot until today...crippen is always a pleasant surprise. their fall lookbook is simply fantastic. oh and do yourself a favor and peruse past seasons as much goodness.

9-Susie-and-Gaucho 1Starsky-Cardi 7-Perfect-Turtle-and-Gaby 4-Aiden-and-Belyn 8-Aiden-Shirt 6-Susie-and-Lover 3-Apres-with-Bomber MK1_3337 MK1_3009 MK1_3496 MK1_3564-v1 MK1_3773 MK1_3398 MK1_3610 MK1_3707 MK1_3926

better late than never and all that.

xo mrs. french