Scott & Scott Architects' Mid-Cetury Refurbishment in Vancouver

img_2_1446587245_72712a9006b09db7693a0a08c5883dca in case i needed a reminder...simplicity is a beautiful thing.

scott & scott architects out of vancouver refurbished this mid-century home in the most beautiful way. the beams, wood and concrete truly create a a space that harnesses the outdoors...the marble adds a touch of understated elegance. also, take a peek at the views...the outdoors add so much to the interior of this space.

img_1_1446587245_c39b6494dfbb7be7e0d5813bb0141980 scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-002-818x900 scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-006-818x803 scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-007-818x950 Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House img_7_1446587245_77e1da88387e4f1eb346e47a9d0045d4 Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-005-818x1006 scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-003-818x916 scott-scott-architects-refurbish-north-vancouver-home-designboom-004-818x885

i have a special place in my heart for vancouver, so i am thinking this home would do quite nicely

xo mrs. french

via dust jacket

source designboom