Blissful Gifts: Rings, Bracelets & Such

ring gifts

  1. artëmer gold signet ring
  2. siri siri kiriko ring
  3. ginette ny large sequin diamond ring
  4. artëmer gold turquoise wedding ring
  5. talon feathers & flower ring
  6. grace lee turquoise bezel ring
  7. mociun agate supernova oval ring
  8. khim yellow gold ruby pave ring
  9. legier silver wonderstone signet ring
  10. the golden smith newer days ring
  11. hawk house aquamarine crystal ring
  12. seaworthy indigo ring

let the gift giving begin! due to the fact i typically wait until the very last minute, i am giving myself a huge pat on the back. I am starting my gift lists this week! i cannot think of a more beautiful way to start than by doing so with jewelry...rings, bracelets and such today and earrings and necklaces tomorrow. stunning right?

take a peek for those folks you like a lot, love or simply send over this link to loved ones as a little nudge in the right direction for know you deserve it.

price ranges good were you this year?

bracelet gifts

  1. scosha ozzie opal cuff
  2. benu made handmade gold and red 'ok' emoji brooch
  3. vanessa bruno le bracelet darling
  4. bing bang nyc temple amulet cuff
  5. larry smith square stone cuff
  6. bianca monros gomez dainty diamond bracelet
  7. vivien frank 14k solid rose gold beaded bracelet
  8. laurel hill aurora hairpin
  9. meta beige aegis cuff
  10. grace lee diamond bar cuff
  11. workhorse jewelry pleiade
  12. luca hexagon nameplate bracelet

i would be giddy to give or receive any of these...hint, hint...

xo mrs. french