I Would Wear That...Snazzy Boots.

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i have found that the older i get the less fashion risks i take. which, in most cases, has been a good thing. however, i do still find that i like to wear one or two things that are a bit unexpected. at the moment my favorite bit of snazzy happens to be boots.

these images are the perfect examples as to why this is...i love street style looks that are completely classy, yet so fun at the same time.

gilda-ambrosio_sandra-semburg_garance-dore garance doré
3b68791e16299b2b9ed402c5555e9fc7collage vintage
stella-mccartney_garance-dore garance doré
main.original.640x0cwhowhat wear

Scarf-Bandana-Ripped_Jeans-Leopard_Boots-Sita_Murt_Coat-Outfit-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-15-790x1185 collage vintage

Caroline-Issa-by-STYLEDUMONDE-Street-Style-Fashion-Photography_MG_6210-700x1050style du monde
ljupka-gojic-mikic-saint-laurent-glitter-boots-1apeople & styles

of course it i did the shopping for you and it was completely my pleasure: