The First Blissful Interior of 2016

Stompbox+-+01 well would you look at that? the first blissful interior of 2016. surprise, surprise it is all about the wood. this melbourne cottage encompasses my one of my favorite details in the best way...i also love the idea of breaking up heavy wood walls and details with pretty tile floors. nothing fancy...but incredibly just right.

nature-meets-modernity-in-this-artful-melbourne-home-1579383-1449021188.640x0c nature-meets-modernity-in-this-artful-melbourne-home-1579382-1449021188.640x0c nature-meets-modernity-in-this-artful-melbourne-home-1579381-1449021188.640x0c nature-meets-modernity-in-this-artful-melbourne-home-1579380-1449021188.640x0c nature-meets-modernity-in-this-artful-melbourne-home-1579384-1449021189.640x0c Stompbox+-+23 Stompbox+-+02 Stompbox+-+07 Stompbox+-+09 Stompbox+-+04

i have a feeling this year is going to be a fantastic one.

xo mrs. french

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