I Would Wear That...High-Rise Denim

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high-rise, to me, had always been a will-never. ever so slowly my mind started changing on me, images like the ones above are to blame. however, i still couldn't imagine myself giving it a go until i glimpsed a pair on a nice waitress in a nice bar looking all nice in them (especially her nice bottom). i took the leap and i am hooked.

my low-rise jeans no longer seem worthy. funny how a simple pair of high-rise can make this gal feel all snazzy.

of course i took it upon myself share some of the pairs i have in carts all over the web.


  1. ag janis flare jeans
  2. imogene + willee elizabeth wayfarer
  3. m.i.h bridge jean
  4. m.i.h bridge jean in sailor grey
  5. m.i.h bodycon 5 pocket jean
  6. madewell high riser skinny jeans
  7. imogene + willie elizabeth davenport
  8. current elliott high waist ankle skinny
  9. madewell flea market flares

xo mrs. french