Here we go again...Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2016

ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-02 i can truly say there is not another designer i go to season after season and love nearly as much as ulla johnson...timeless design that fits as beautiful as it looks. each time i save for an ulla design i know that it will remain relevant for years to come and i will feel beautiful each time i wear it.

in case there was any question...this is a love note of sorts. thank you ulla johnson for such an incredibly inspiring pre-fall 2016 collection....

ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-08 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-05 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-22 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-10 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-14 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-15 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-16 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-17 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-18 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-19 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-20 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-23 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-25 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-28 ulla-johnson-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-29i simply can't wait to add these pieces to my forever wardrobe.

xo mrs. french