Hellessy Spring 2016

hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-011 hellessy, to me, is truly the definition of understated elegance. founder sylvie hellessy set out in 2012 to develop a day-to-evening collection.

attainable elegance is always something i strive for...i have no need for over-the-top. i am much more attracted to special occasion pieces that can be pared down with a cosy sweater and items i hope to keep with me for as long as possible...timeless.

the spring 2016 collection from hellessy checks all of these boxes.

hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-001 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-005 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-006 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-007 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-008 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-009 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-014 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-015 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-016 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-018 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-019 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-020 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-021


xo mrs. french