North Fork Seaside House presented by Jersey Ice Cream Company...

web_2885 i had intended to dedicate an entire post to the design work of the ridiculously adorable jersey ice cream company; a real life couple that has real life talent. i had been planning a montage of photos from numerous projects, but then realized, i was stuck. stuck on one project in particular...the north fork seaside house.

it happens time and time again that i stumble upon design projects that are beautiful, however, seem unattainable to a regular gal such as myself. beautiful? yes, but also within reach. simply put, a warm, and inviting home.

webRiverhead-Living1-7 webRiverhead-Living1-2 web-Dining1-1 webRiverhead-Dining1-7-copy web-Dining1-3 web-Kitchen-1 webRiverhead-Kitchen1-5 webRiverhead-Kitchen-7 webRiverhead-Living2-1 webRiverhead-Living2b-1 web-Kids2-4 web-Kids2-1 webRiverhead-BunkRoom-2 webRiverhead-BunkRoom-6 web-Loft-1 attic1web_Riverhead-MasterBed-1 web_2960br1


i could insert my family and feel right at home.

xo mrs. french

photos taken from the jersey ice cream company