00220005_1024x1024 we all have our go-to favorites...i have favorites i rely on for everyday staples and those i rely on for incredibly special occasions...i justify spending a bit more because i know i will keep them around for as long as possible. i have get to find that comfy middle space; pieces i turn to on a daily basis that also make me feel just a bit prettier. i am happy to report that this space has been officially filled by the new and stunning dôen....so new in fact that dôen officially launched yesterday.

of course, a story can make an already lovely thing magical. which is why i love the fact that dôen began as an idea between sisters. magaret and katherine kleveland both had worked in the corporate fashion world, but knew that their hearts resided in creating their own label. in the summer of 2015 it was time to take a leap...and i am so happy they did.

They see the brand as a celebration of motherhood, sisterhood and modern femininity.


the klevelands also made the decision to take on five other partners, all talented females...women who were in their own right running their own businesses, but had never had the opportunity of ownership; giving the opportunity to own a part of a business that they are also a part of. i encourage you to take a peek at this collective of women and peruse their bios...impressive to say the least.

as if all of the above isn't enough, all of the factories dôen employs are either owned or co-owned by women and are run ethically out of peru, vietnam, and india. the sisters have also taken it upon themselves to design one item per season to little ones and 100% of the profits from this item will go to room to read, a nonprofit that works with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to support literacy and champion women’s advocacy.

oh and besides all this...the clothes are just so pretty. traditional california style comes through in each item all wrapped up in the bohemian style i consistently go to...

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it's time to go through my closet and donate items i have grown tired of...i have to make room.

xo mrs. french

via t the new york times style magazine