I Would Stay There...Hotel Henriette Paris.

hotel-henriette-photos-sizel-306501-1200-849 i am heading to paris today (in my daydream) and i am staying at the hotel henriette. the henriette is located near the vibrant mouffetard district on a quiet street. it appears to be not quite like anywhere i have seen...

the hotel henriette features 32 individually decorated rooms, a lounge with plenty of reading materials, a vintage winter garden and a friendly concierge service ready to help with all of your holiday needs. of course, all of this sounds lovely....however, can we please talk about these rooms? interior designer vanessa scoffier is responsible for the "beguiling" surroundings and i couldn't be more smitten.

yet another reason to get to paris immediately...

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sadly, i will not be heading paris this weekend, but plan on having a nice time nonetheless. i hope you have a lovely few days as well.

xo mrs. french