Apiece Apart Product Story || Serena Mitnik-Miller

apieceapartwoman_serenamitnikmiller02 one of my favorite features online is the apiece apart product story...amongst this favorite, i have a new favorite. following? i find the recent product story showcasing the surroundings of serena mitnik-miller to be so incredibly beautiful.

no surprise, serena is the founder of general store...which actually deserves a post all its own. then there is the beautiful apiece apart items serena has on for this feature...yes please.

apieceapartwoman_serenamitnikmiller01 apieceapartwoman_serenamitnikmiller03 apieceapartwoman_serenamitnikmiller04 apieceapartwoman_serenamitnikmiller06

just as lovely as i thought it would be...

xo mrs. french

Photography by YE RIN MOK