Beklina Spring Favorites...and Rugs!


  1. lina rennell silk robe 
  2. kowtow etched dress
  3. ace & jig play suit
  4. apiece apart glorietta square neck top
  5. lina rennell basic pant
  6. lina rennell cashmere top
  7. apiece apart condesa top
  8. apiece apart rafaela dress

i do believe spring maybe my favorite season. i typically think of myself as more of a sweater and boots kind of gal, but then i get a peek into what my favorite designers have been up to and then my way of thinking shifts quickly to flowy dresses, sandals, gauzy tops and so on.

i love the fact that i can find so many of these designers at beklina. beklina is a beloved sponsor that started as a goto shop for all things covetable. this spring i am having a hard time narrowing it down and then there are the rugs...oh my!


goodness, i love beklina.

xo mrs. french