static1.squarespace-1 i had a chat with a friend the other day, i acquiesced in the thought that i may not get to everything i had thought i would in my 20's. back then i thought there was plenty of time for it all...i thought that i always had time to move to a larger city, a city with blocks of brownstones. of course, i would live in one of my very own.

my someday brownstone has become a small ranch in a mountain town..which is lovely in and of itself. i have now chosen to love brownstones from recent admiration falls upon this one brought to you by the architectural design firm buck projects.

static1.squarespace-2 static1.squarespace-3 static1.squarespace-4 static1.squarespace-6 static1.squarespace-8 static1.squarespace-9 static1.squarespace-10 static1.squarespace static1.squarespace-11forget it, maybe there is a chance after all...

xo mrs. french


oh and do take the time to peruse the sketches of brent allen all on its own.