Corners of My Home Captured by Natalie Puls for DWR

natalie-puls-photography-5 you may of noticed that my little corner of the web is conspicuously void of photos taken from my home. which is strange because i spend a great deal of time sharing the homes of others with all of you. today i am changing things up a bit with a few peeks into the french family home...

why the sudden change? i recently had the pleasure of working on a project with one of my very favorites design within reach. i was give a few items to live with and photograph in my real-life setting...truly a dream. of course, i couldn't trust the job of photographer to just anyone...immediately the incredibly talented natalie puls came to mind. she happens to reside in bend as well and i have been a silent fan for quite sometime. she captures moments in her photography...and does so in a way that doesn't shout but speaks eloquently in a truly beautiful way. i am hoping to work with natalie on many future projects as well. please take a long moment to peruse the works of natalie puls...her wedding photography makes my heart skip a beat and long for a wedding redo.

natalie-puls-photography-4 natalie-puls-photography-9 natalie-puls-photography-14 natalie-puls-photography-34 natalie-puls-photography-36 natalie-puls-photography-27 natalie-puls-photography-20 natalie-puls-photography-22 natalie-puls-photography-23 natalie-puls-photography-57 natalie-puls-photography-59 natalie-puls-photography-65 natalie-puls-photography-69 natalie-puls-photography-71 natalie-puls-photography-41 natalie-puls-photography-44 natalie-puls-photography-46 natalie-puls-photography-49 natalie-puls-photography-52

i am thinking a full home tour maybe in order...stay tuned.

xo mrs. french

photography by natalie puls