Industry Standard

prod-simone-highrise-05 nothing fancy, just plain nice...this is how i would describe the denim from industry standard. awhile back nicole, the founder of industry standard introduced herself to me via email...i am so happy she did because this gave me the opportunity to discover industry standard; mid and highrise jeans that don't get caught up in silly details, rather focusing on making just really terrific jeans.

i have been wearing mine way too often and now feel as if i may need to get another pair because the high daily repetition has gotten to seriously silly...

prod-odette-midrise-05 prod-margot-midrise-05 prod-simone-midrise-05 prod-remy-boyfriend-05 prod-margot-highrise-05

industry standard jeans are made in los angeles and are available at a very comfortable price point...oh and did i mention there is monogramming? get to it ladies.

xo mrs. french