The Home of Ditte Isager for Goop

ditte-isager-img1-1 you know her right? ditte isager is an amazing photographer based with her family in copenhagen. her work has been featured pretty everywhere, my favorites being from her work with ochre. of course, her latest does not disappoint. ditte's photographs stand out due to her use of no surprise her home is draped in soft, stunning light.

she was asked to turn her lens toward her family home for goop and it is exactly as i assumed it would be...magical.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.40.51 AM ditte-isager-img3-1 ditte-isager-img4-1 ditte-isager-img5-1 ditte-isager-img6-1 ditte-isager-feature

truly makes my tuesday.

xo mrs. french