bobbie burgers

IMG_9334 when it comes to art i always feel as if beautiful masterpieces should be as large as possible.

which is why i am such a tremendous fan of canadian artist bobbie burgers. her florals comprised of bold brush strokes are some of my favorites to date. you catch a glimpse from the photos, each one seems to be so large...perfect.

although my home is tiny, i do believe i could reserve an entire wall or 2 for a couple of bobbie's pieces...

Fall+From+Grace+#1+84x66+2015+300ppi A+Mad+And+Tender+Love+#1+40x40+2014+300dpi-1 IMG_3574 BobbieOct2014-226 Wistful+Unfolding+#2+40x40+2014+300dpi-1 Arsenal+Of+Memories+60x60+2014+300dpi The+Affair+60x60+2015+300dpi IMG_2803 Wistful+Unfolding+#2+40x40+2014+300dpi


xo mrs. french

via the jealous curator